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Bernie:  Verified Buyer

The construction and leather of my new portfolio definitely exceeded my expectations. The quality and attention to details of the design make it so that I can organize my critical work documents very easily.

I rely on my phone for most of my day to day work while out of the office but find it very helpful to have a portfolio to store information and jot down quick thoughts/ideas. I can also always count on it when my phone inevitably runs out of battery.

Judge: Verified Buyer

I have a large 15 Inch Russet Premium Portfolio. It helps me stay organized by keeping my phone, laptop and stationary items (legal pad, pens and post it notes) together and ready for meetings. It has a classic look and is easy to store away.

Paul:  Verified Buyer

The leather portfolio you sent me last summer certainly is very high quality, professional and expensive looking, and unusual appearing. I've carried it to several meetings at other lawyers offices, including oral depositions, document inspections, etc. and other business meetings, and placed it in open view and visibly used it. 

 For many years (as a lawyer, business person, pilot, etc.), I've been a big manual note taker (using a pen) at depositions, meetings, seminars, instructional / tutorial - refresher events, etc. - a big part of such work is keeping up with complex facts and documents. When there are lot of diverse facts and documents involved, we usually organize print copies in various manila folders, with notes, in advance, sometimes in stacks several inches thick - more recently storing PDFs in similar folders in GoodReader on iPads - which is quicker and easier to handle when a paper document isn't needed. I also usually carry multiple paper pads to write on to keep stuff better organized. Rarely do I take just a page or two of notes at a meeting. 


I recently got an iPad Pro with an Apple pen, and several note taking apps - but I don't find them or that system as effective as manual note taking. Several times, I've put an iPad inside the leather portfolio and carried it to meetings to use - but I prefer to carry iPads in their own cases due to the danger of it slipping out from the portfolio. A lot of (younger) note takers at meetings I attend now are taking notes by typing on a laptop. I am a very fast touch typer (several times handwriting  speed) but I do not like to take notes on an laptop (or an iPad with a keyboard) - not free form enough. If something real important is going on, I record it or order a transcript. The Apple Pen system on an iPad works very well for quick markup of PDF documents, images, creation of custom presentation slides, etc.  I'm typing this email on a iPad with a keyboard.

Nick: Verified Buyer


"I have the Happy Hollow 13" portfolio in caramel.  I love the rich warm color and the look of real, high quality leather. It has a stylish, durable fastening clip which should last a lifetime. It fits comfortably in my hand when carrying, and contains everything I need for my business supplies - a notepad, space for my IPad, business cards, it comes with a nice ball point pen, and a pocket for my phone.  It lays flat when open so I don't have to remove the note pad in order to write on it.  I've received a number of nice comments on it, and plan to give it many years of use."