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John (Australia) :  Verified Buyer

My son is using the messenger bag for his Japanese language lesson books and papers.  He had the previous hand made Aussie bag which fell apart in short period of time, with no recourse.

 His eyes perked up when I gave him the US hand made bag.  He was impressed with looks and workmanship.  We’ll keep you posted as time goes on.

 Thanks for advertising with Greg Hunter — USA Watchdog — good Americans need to take back the country.  My son and I always listen to USA Watchdogs weekly news wrap ups just to stay informed.

 Kind Regards, 

Sylvia (USA):  Verified Buyer

Happy Hollow Farm…   It’s  very nice.    A bit heavy for carrying papers.(in my case: music)

If  I were you,  I’d make it lighter by using metal accessories that are not so heavy.   If you are just carrying papers,  heavy metal strength is not needed.    Just a suggestion.  



On the weight, we do that intentionally.  Some other customers have also made comments about the weight.  We use full grain vegetable tanned leather.  Typically that Messenger bag is made from 4/5 ounce leather.  The better leather is a bit heavier as a result.  Which means it is stronger.  We also use better metal components for the same reason.  Both of these items (the leather and metal) have more weight which will create a more lasting item.


Sylvia (USA):  Verified Buyer

I didn’t mention the weight of the leather.   I believe that is just fine,  and quite beautifully crafted.

I was only talking about the hardware.   It seems too heavy.     Good luck on your  business venture.

Robert (USA): Verified Buyer

Your product (Black Messenger Bag) arrived on time.  It is quite lovely and very well crafted