Often, when asked, people in a given business will say, "we got into this sort of by accident".  For some, that is likely the case.  Not so, for us.  We wanted to be in a family business that we could participate in as a family, focus on hand made products, quality and customer service (like it used to be). 

Happy Hollow Farm is a small family run and owned leather craft business located in the Great Smoky Mountains. As a business we strive to make high quality leather and canvas products that will last you for many years to come. All our products are made and constructed in the USA right here in the Smokies. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality products that we can offer you that is why we try and source all of our materials from the best people that we can find, all of the main components are sourced in the USA.


  • We strive to source environmentally friendly materials.

  • Our products are American made by two craftsmen in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.

  • Most of the materials (leather) is sourced from American tanneries.

  • We recommend vegetable tanned leather.  It is environmentally friendly, looks and wears well and will last (with proper care).  It is important to understand the various terms in use around leather products.  For example, some use the term vegetable tanning that is a different process from the leather that we use.
  • We also offer canvas / leather products, the leather used in the canvas / leather items is the same full grain, vegetable tanned leather discussed above..

Flat Rate Shipping

$10 flat rate shipping in the USA