Why Our Location

Why Our Location

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What is the right company for me and why should I care?

Obviously there are very large international companies, old line quality firms, off shore manufactures and a host of others.

Here at Happy Hollow Farm TN we are a small firm by design.  There are two craftsmen who make all of the products you see on our web site.  We make all of the products you see (except the leather cream and brushes) from the raw materials on up.

For example, on the leather products we purchase hides from top tanneries like Wickett and Craig, S.B. Foot and a few others.  We cut leather from the hides in house, here in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains and construct the products that you see.  We source the rivets, buckles and other small parts and combine all of these items here, in-house, to the products you see.

We are a family run company focused on building affordable top quality products here in the US.

We attempt to source all of our raw materials here in the US.  The leather hides and canvas are sourced from US producers here in the US.  Not all of the products and tools are currently available form local US manufacturers and we continue to search for local sources.

Leather crafting is an industry that allows small firms that are intent on building quality products to "have a place at the table", provided that firm brings quality items at a favorable price point.

To answer the question about why our location, it is simple.  The Tennessee Smoky Mountains have a long and popular tradition of creative and quality craft's.  There is a long standing tradition of small family run companies in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.

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